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What we offer

One platform for any process. Decisions is a no-code Intelligent Process Automation platform powered by a world-class rules engine. It has five integral parts that allow you to quickly set up and maintain any business system. Rule Engine - Codify business logic and automate decisions. Workflow Manager - Create and refine processes. Sequence people and systems. Mining Agents - Find and fix problems. Optimize your business. Integrations - Connect systems and unify operations. Interface designer - Connect systems and unify operations.

Custom development

When is not enough we use custom development. For custom development, we leverage a combination of technologies to deliver tailored solutions. .NET, a versatile framework, enables us to build robust and scalable applications using C#, a powerful programming language. With its extensive libraries and tools, .NET empowers us to create efficient and secure software solutions. Angular, a popular front-end framework, provides a seamless user experience with its dynamic and responsive interfaces. By leveraging Angular, we create interactive and feature-rich web applications. Our tech stack also includes various other technologies like databases, APIs, and cloud services to ensure the optimal performance and functionality of our custom development projects.