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Ordering Loss runs

The insurance automation project focuses on Loss Run Ordering and Receipt functionality, which enables users to conveniently view accounts and effortlessly order loss runs within our website. This feature provides instant access to certain loss runs for review, download, and email capabilities. Additionally, it facilitates the automated ordering of loss runs from carrier partners represented by our company.

Target Audience

Our automation project aims to assist insurance professionals, including agents, brokers, and underwriters, who require access to loss run reports for their clients or policyholders. By providing an efficient and user-friendly platform, we streamline the process of obtaining and managing loss run information, benefiting both insurance professionals and their clients.

Key Features and Benefits

View and Order Loss Runs: Users can easily access and review loss runs associated with accounts they have written or currently write with our company. They can initiate loss run orders directly from our platform, eliminating the need for manual paperwork or communication.

Instant Review, Download, and Email: For certain loss runs that are readily available, users can instantly review, download, and email them to relevant stakeholders. This feature enhances convenience, efficiency, and prompt delivery of loss run reports.

Automated Ordering to Carrier Partners: Our automation system can trigger the automated ordering of loss runs from carrier partners represented by our company. This reduces manual intervention and streamlines the process, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of loss run reports.

By implementing this automation project, we aim to empower insurance professionals with a centralized platform to manage loss run ordering and receipt efficiently. It saves time, reduces administrative burden, and enhances the overall client experience by providing quick access to critical loss run information.